Porcelain and Maiolica

Speaking today only of Renaissance maiolica market in the world and not mentioning Pandolfini is impossible: the auction of October 2014 represented infact a memorable event as something similar had not taken place for several decades, also according to collectors and sector specialists. The three-million earnings together with the worldwide absolute records obtained from that auction have shown once more the way to follow in the future: collecting is not at the end, however large impulses are necessary to allow it to develop significantly. 

This is the goal we have been pursuing and achieving since then in particular with the new edition of a very high quality catalogue published in October 2015 and entirely dedicated to Renaissance maiolica.

Even if the success of the "monographic" catalogue seems to have repaid our efforts, Pandolfini has also paid great attention to porcelain and maiolica: in fact, in all our auctions we have included earthenwares, dating back from the end of the fourteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century, but only after passing a rigorous selection process.

Italian maiolica and Italian and European porcelain continue to achieve resounding success among collectors, always looking for artifacts that prove the great ability of true artists specialized not only in modeling but especially in decorating different kinds of objects: from a small coffee cup to a large decorative vase, from a sortout to a precious snuffbox. These objects represent a precious testimony of the age taste and
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