Old Master Paintings and Sculptures

This department covers all Italian and European art from the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries. It organizes two auctions a year, in Spring and Autumn, of works of art by both celebrated artists and generic schools, dating from the Middle Ages to the Neoclassical period. Offered at auction are: gold ground panel paintings, sculpture in wood, terracotta and marble, old master polychrome stuccoes, drawings, carvings and oil paintings on wood, canvas and other supports divided according to artistic genre (still life, landscape, portrait) and by the subject matter (religious, profane, mythological and Biblical).

In order to react to sale and market demands, a careful selection of the works of art is made based on criteria such as: the historico-artistic importance of the piece, its stylistic quality, the charm of the subject matter. We provide competitive valuations, giving precedence to pieces from private collections so as to stimulate greater interest from the public with important and yet undiscovered works.

The presentation of the lots in our catalogues is the product of careful study divided into several phases: firstly the technical evaluation, aimed at ascertaining the authenticity of the piece, followed by historico-artistic analysis, necessary to establish its date and attribution, and the examination and comparison made with the help of scholars and nationally and internationally renowned specialists in this field.

In our catalogues we offer paintings, sculpture and drawings by some of the most famous Italian artists, which for the most part come from the Venetian, Lombard, Roman and Tuscan areas; there is a bias towards Tuscan works and specifically those from the main schools of Florence, Siena and Lucca since these are the pieces we most frequently deal with.
We do not, however, neglect works from North Europe: French, Flemish, Dutch and German artists.

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