Coins and Medals

The numismatic department of Pandolfini offers its clients a vast selection of coins and medals ranging from the most ancient right up to present day. We appraise Pre-Roman coniage, ancient Greece-Greek colonies, Roman, Barbarian + Bizantine coins.

The Middle-Ages are often represented by the Florentine coinage with frequent sales of gold Florins or silver coins minted by the various Renaissance cities.

Many times we have auctioned collections pertainig to the Duchy of Tuscany from the Medici+Haugsburg Lorraineperiod, giving to the buyers a testimonial of the splendor of Florentine art and genius of its engravers such as Cellini, Mazzafini,Gaspare Mola just to mention a few of the more important names.

The Italian kingdom has been recently proposed in the form of two important collections which included remarkable rarities. We often appraise foreign coins with particular attention to the Orient.

For evey collection and every single coin we make a thorough bibliographic research in order to give the maximum information to Pandolfini's customers. Our estimates adhere stringently to current prices referring to international auctions , market request, taking into consideration the cost of gold and silver and the conditions of the pieces .

We also deal with coins quoted in the stock market ( marenghi, souverains + gold coins from all over the world to satisfy the requests of investors who contact us.

Medals , plaquettes and seals are accurately verified as far as concerns dimension and the technical aspects of the antique reproduction. The coins are offered during the auctions according to the period and type of object ( transversally due to the multiple variety of objects taken care of by the auction house). Such objects are to found in the auction catalogues for Archeological and Jewellery.

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