Pandolfini Casa d’Aste dedicates an exclusive Department to collectible fine silver, in order to offer a wide selection of silver objects, both decorative and sacred, as well as for domestic or daily use. The Department is extremely attentive in the cataloguing of the objects proposed in the fine silver auctions and especially in the bibliographic research, so as to offer silver collectors and enthusiasts the most exhaustive information possible on the lots up for auction.

Decorative silver pieces are without a doubt the most common items found in private collections, representing a category of objects that is decorative, yet also suited to domestic use at the same time. In particular, the auctions offer products that range from silverware for the table, to tea and coffee services, from candlesticks and candelabras to cutlery. The silver auctions also feature silver coins of various provenance, objects dedicated to a niche public of highly specialized collectors. Our experts select silver artefacts coming from various workshops, which include in particular silver items produced in Florentine, Milanese, Venetian, Genoese, Neapolitan and Piedmontese workshops. Often it is possible, through careful bibliographic research on the punch marks of the objects, to discover the silversmith who produced the piece, a detail that sometimes is of fundamental importance for the most meticulous collector.

Even the European production of fine silver finds ample room in the sales catalogs of Pandolfini’s silver auctions, especially English and French pieces and American sterling silver decorations.

The fine silver auctions also include those for sacred use, with the Department selecting, cataloguing, and proposing works of art such as chalices, icons with riza, stoups and crucifixes whose origins range from regional Italian production to international production, and date from the seventeenth century up to the present.
Collectors of rare and collectible silver pieces find one-of-a-kind opportunities in Pandolfini’s auctions to bid on and win genuinely exceptional objects. Several top lots have in fact been sold in the silverware auctions, including the magnificent serving tray designed by Giuseppe Valadier which sold in 2018 for 40,000 €; the basin with pitcher, both made from vermeil, and designed by silversmith Ayme Videau that sold for 23,750 € in 2017; and the elegant tureen designed by Emilie Puifocart, which sold for 18,750 €. Another important lot was that of the 12-piece dinner plate set produced in 1797 by silversmith Paul Storr, which sold in 2018 at the Fine Silver, Coins and Medals, and Books Auction for 32,500 €. 

Thanks to the dedicated department, the fine silver auctions organized by Pandolfini, which take place twice yearly, are authentic points of reference for collectors, and despite significant changes occurring in tastes and trends, fine silver remains a category of objects of timeless aesthetical value and appeal, which continues to be sought out on the market.  

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