Ask for a valuation

The Pandolfini auction house provides valuations, so that all lots up for auction may be put into the specific categories of the relevant Departments. The material for valuation purposes can be sent to the office either by post or by email to be examined by the expert of the department one wishes to consult. Since the valuations are, in the first instance, made on the basis of photographs, they will only be confirmed after direct viewing of the piece. 

Valuations are only made if the following requirements are met:

  • clear, colour photographs of the front and rear of the piece or painting and, if present, of the signature or stamp.
  • the size, material, technique and any other relevant information.
  • history and provenance of the piece
  • information, if available, regarding previous valuations, certificates, expertise and any known bibliographic references.
Completando la procedura di Registrazione e cliccando sullapposito tasto virtuale 'Accetto' in calce alla presente comunicazione, il Cliente dichiara di avere attentamente letto ed espressamente accettato tutti i termini e le Condizioni Generali che regolano gli acquisti presso Pandolfini Casa dAste s.r.l. Tali Condizioni generali sono consultabili, scaricabili e stampabili al seguente link: #condizioni#