The opening of the NFT Department is a step taken in the certainty that the NFT market is only just beginning, and it will soon become one of the greatest revolutions in the arts and finance. NFT today represents a perfect system of fusion between three worlds: art which is the creative part, the digital transformation of the reality that we experience in our daily life and the new financial assets that move with highly dynamic performances. The important growth of digital art in the last decades has crossed its path with the need to formalize its uniqueness by using the blockchain, a technology that more than any other today can guarantee an efficient and extremely safe system for storing this type of certification. For this reason, NFT represents not only a new form of creative expression, but also an incredible new system of representation of creative uniqueness. We know that creating a project in this sector represent a necessary step, considering the enormous development that the NFT art movement is currently having all over the world, increasingly becoming one of the biggest investment trends in the creative field, especially in some countries. By creating this Department, Pandolfini enters the NFT market in a solid, concrete and stable way, tracing an absolutely innovative path in the panorama of the art market in Italy based on three key points and a highly qualified consultancy activity on a new market which can offer great opportunities as well as big challenges:
  • Solidity, as it is an operation that is born and develops entirely within the auction house and which will proceed with a program similar to our other auctions. In this regard, Pandolfini will organize 2 NFT auctions a year, both with a specific curatorial approach.
    The operation will be managed entirely by Pandolfini without the need to rely on third parties for the NFT sale..
  • Technical and financial guarantee for those who are entering a new world that is sometimes considered risky because of the many mechanisms still unknown to the most. Pandolfini will check every settlement phase of the auctions’ organization, constituting itself as clear and identifiable element in the digital passages of the assets inside the blockchain environment; in this way Pandolfini wants to contrast the anonymous vision of this sector by using a completely explicit approach where the various parts are well identified and made aware of their responsibilities. NFT will therefore be moved from the seller's wallet directly to the buyer's wallet and Pandolfini will directly manage the transfer through its own smart contract.
  • Credibility of a company that has always been a symbol of seriousness and professionalism in the auction sector, and which is committed to making the NFT experience for its customers something extremely new but also extremely safe. Such a new and revolutionary market and means of expression deserve due attention and a proper understanding. The Department will therefore organize a series of events and webinars aimed at explaining and making clearer the many aspects of these digital assets. NFT, in fact, are not just images or videos but first of all the representation of digital uniqueness: this peculiarity makes thus possible to generate countless developments and use-cases connected to them that deserve an adequate study.
It is an ambitious project based on the belief that, especially in Italy, the NFT market has yet to develop a large part of its potential: therefore, by entering it in a first phase, the collectors who will have entrusted Pandolfini's NFT Department may over time find themselves in a very profitable and privileged position.
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Claudio Francesconi

Head of department
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