1. Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE S.r.l. is commissioned with the sale of the objects entrusted to it, in the name and on behalf of the commissioners, in accordance with the deeds filed at the VAT Office of Florence. The effects of such sales devolve directly upon the Seller and the Buyer, without any liability on the part of Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE other than that relating to the mandate received.
  2. The purchaser shall pay an auction fee, for each lot, equivalent to 25% of the hammer price up to € 100.000 and to 22% of any amounts over this figure, inclusive of VAT and taxes (for special cases and more information about commissions refer to the AUCTION FEES and VAT section in the catalogue).
  3. Sales are made to the highest bidder, and are understood to be in cash. Transfers to third parties of the sold lots are not accepted. Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE holds the successful bidder solely responsible for payment. Participation at the auction in the name and on behalf of third parties must therefore be notified in advance.
  4. The valuations in the catalogue are purely indicative, and are expressed in Euro. In the case of forced sales, the valuation may be preceded by the letters p.b.(s.p.?) (Starting price, or set minimum price) or o.m.o. (h.b.?) (highest bid, or lot sold to the highest bidder, without minimum starting price). The descriptions included in the catalogue are in the nature of opinions and purely indicative, consequently not implicating any liability whatsoever on the part of Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE. Any eventual complaints must be forwarded in writing within 10 days and, where considered valid, will entail solely the reimbursement of the amount paid without any other claim or entitlement.
  5. Before the auction there will be a viewing, during which the Manager of the sale will be available to provide clarifications. The viewing is designed to enable the public to examine the condition and quality of the objects, and also to clarify any possible errors or inaccuracies in the catalogue. All the objects are sold "as seen".
  6. Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE S.r.l. can accept purchase commissions (offers made in writing or by phone) for the lots on sale on mandate for persons who cannot be present at the sale. In such cases, the lots will be purchased at the best price allowed by other offers for the same lots, and by the recorded reserve prices. Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE S.r.l., while employing the utmost diligence, cannot be held responsible for any errors which may emerge in its management of written or telephonic offers. We recommend that, in completing the appropriate form, the bidder carefully checks the numbers of the lots, the descriptions and the figures quoted. Purchase commissions featuring unlimited offers will not be accepted. The request for telephonic participation will only be accepted if submitted in writing prior to the sale. In the event of receipt of two identical written offers for the same lot, precedence will be given to that received first.
  7. During the auction the auctioneer is entitled to combine or split up the lots.
  8. The lots are sold by the Manager of the sale; in the event of dispute, the contested lot will be re-auctioned during the same session on the basis of the last offer received. The offer made in the auction room will always take precedence over the purchase commissions as referred to in para. 6.
  9. Complete payment of the hammer price of the auction rights may be immediately exacted by Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE S.r.l.; payment must in any case be made no later than the day following that of the auction.
  10. Lots purchased and paid for must be collected immediately. Otherwise, Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE shall be entitled to all storage rights, while being exonerated from all liability in relation to such storage and to the eventual deterioration of the objects. The weekly cost of such storage is Euro 26.
  11. Purchasers are obliged to comply with all the legal regulations currently in force relating to listed objects, with particular reference to Law no.1089 dated 1 June 1939. The exportation of objects is governed by the above-mentioned regulations and by the customs and excise and fiscal regulations currently in force. Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE declines all liability before purchasers in relation to any eventual exportation restrictions on the purchased lots. In the event of the right of pre-emption being exercised by the State, the purchaser is not entitled to claim any reimbursement or indemnity from either Pandolfini CASA D'ASTE or the Seller.
  12. The Legislative Decree of 22 January 2004 regulates the exportation of cultural assets outside Italy, while exportation outside the European Community is similarly governed by the provisions of the EEC Regulation no. 391/92 dated 9 December 1992, as modified by EEC Regulation 2469/96 dated 16 December 1996 and EEC Regulation no. 974/01 dated 14 May 2001.
    Pandolfini Casa d'Aste S.r.l. is not responsible for the issue of the permits required by this legislation, nor can it guarantee the issuing of the same. The failure to grant the aforementioned authorisations does not justify either the cancellation of the purchase or the refusal to pay.
  13. These Conditions of Sale are automatically accepted by those participating at the auction. In the event of any dispute whatsoever, the Court of Florence is held to be competent.
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