Modern and antique prints and drawings

The department of prints and drawings, the youngest in the family of Pandolfini, completes the list of objects of art and antiques direct to our customers, collectors and enthusiasts.

The aim of the department is the selection and evaluation of master prints and drawings, from the XVI until the early XX century and from any geographical area. The spirit is to stimulate the needs of the amateur d’ estampes, sensitive to the charm of Italian and international best-known works on paper, as well as to the curious suggestions in the less discovered artistic and thematic areas.

Sales catalogues, entirely devoted to this sector, will be issued twice a year with the support of the most updated literature; the focus is not only on the historical and artistic value of the works but also on technical analysis of the same. Information on the papers and their dating, on the watermarks, on the tecniques of drawings and prints, on the quality of the impressions and their conservation, are guides for readers towards safe and targetetd purchases.

The choice of a wide temporal and geographic scope, in line with what happens in the international auction houses of this sector, allows the public to buy, within an area of high specialization, the works of the greatest artists and movements that most marked the whole history of art and not otherwise obtainable in private collections; Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, to quote the great peintre-graveurs, Stefano della Bella, the Carraccis, Fattori, Signorini, Boldini, Klinger, Morandi, and all those who have left significant evidence in the world of the original graphic works, are adequately represented in the sales catalogs.

head of department florence
head of department florence
Jacopo Boni
Lorenzo Pandolfini
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Works on paper: 15th to 19th century drawings, paintings and prints

Works on paper: 15th to 19th century drawings, paintings and prints

Florence, 1 OCTOBER 2019
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Tiepolo, Giandomenico
Brasini, Armando
Canal, Giovanni Antonio detto Canaletto
Bilivert, Giovanni
De Vecchi, Giovanni
Paul Klee
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista
Morandi, Giorgio
Giorgio Morandi
Henri Matisse
Callot, Jacques
David, Giovanni
Tibaldi, Pellegrino
Rossini, Luigi
Munch, Edvard