Whisky and Collectible Spirits

The world of Spirits has always aroused a particular fascination in the collective imagination, and is now commonly considered a luxury item, an object of collectibles.

Lately this sector has shown a strong market dynamism and a growing interest on the part of collectors and enthusiasts in general.

Whiskeys, cognacs, calvados, rums and all spirits have always had space in the catalogs of our wine auctions, and have gradually acquired more importance, just think of the auction on 17 June 2020 in which a bottle of the legendary Bowmore in 1966, by the bottler Samaroli, reached the extraordinary figure of € 49,000, a national record for a bottle of whiskey.

Pandolfini has decided to respond to the market by opening a department reserved for this sector, organizing exclusively dedicated auctions, in order to offer its customers, increasingly prepared and demanding, unique products of great value.

Collectors will be able to find not only bottles of the best whiskeys: Macallan, Bowmore, Port Ellen, Laphroaig, and not only Scottish, such as the products of the most famous Japanese distilleries, such as Karuizawa; but of all types of spirits, from the elegant cognacs of Remy Martin, to the historic calvados of Christian Drouin, up to the legendary rums of Caroni.

The professionalism and experience of Pandolfini's experts is constantly available to its customers, so do not hesitate to contact us for free and confidential evaluations and to decide together on the best sales strategy.

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