Modern and Contemporary Art

"Art is an economic investment, culture is just an alibi." Ennio Flaiano

The market is the centre on which modern and contemporary art, with its many facets, converges; it is the horizon within which the ideals pertaining to the traditional hobby of collecting can merge with the most recent financial interests. The extremely complex result of this carries with it a set of issues which require the skill to interpret the market in non exclusively economic terms. The authenticity checks and the archive procedures, the conservation problems arising from the techniques and materials used, the varying importance of different artistic movements, from historical avant-gardes to newly emerging artistic movements, become indispensable elements for the correct financial valuation of a work of modern or contemporary art.

This department is distinctive because it devotes its attention to modern and contemporary art in original ways. It takes into account the market in which it operates and responds to the needs arising from variations by integrating service and consultancy, yet always remaining true to its role as an intermediary. Aside from the ordinary procedures of valuation, acquisition and sale, there are other criteria for historical, artistic, conservative and financial valuation which make an optimization of the results possible, uniting protective measures for the sellers with the guarantees necessary to the buyers.

Modern and Contemporary art auctions take place every six months during spring and autumn in Milan.

"Making money is an art; working is an art; making money is the best of all arts." Andy Warhol
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