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Modern and Contemporary Art is one of the most important categories of works in which Pandolfini auction house is specialized; it’s no coincidence that incredible, and even unexpected, results have been achieved in the Modern and Contemporary Art auctions held in recent years. Modern and Contemporary Art auctions are held at regular intervals to propose works by leading Italian and foreign contemporary artists, offering one-of-a-kind opportunities for collectors and lovers of art to purchase works of modern art that it would otherwise be impossible to find, if not at Pandolfini’s auctions. 

The catalogs of contemporary art auctions propose works of interest of leading collectors in their very best interpretations, coming from several artistic movements that range from Pre-Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism, from Minimalism to Symbolism, Conceptual Art, Dadaism, Surrealism and Futurism, Cubism, Kinetic and Optical Art, Pop Art and Abstractionism, to arrive at Graffitism and the most recent avant-garde movements. The Department that puts contemporary art up for auction stands out thanks to its great expertise and preparation, as well as its longtime experience in the valuation of works that are proposed to us. Expressing the market value of a work of art is the responsibility of experts working in the Department.
The valuation is preceded by a phase of in-depth analysis of the artworks, where various criteria of the works themselves are examined, with however the valuation also depending on the current market situation. In any case, the center on which the system of modern and contemporary art converges, in its multiple forms and many facets, is the market of art, the horizon within which the ideals pertaining to traditional collecting can merge with the most recent financial interests. Undoubtedly, today’s art market is characterized by an extremely complex context. It is one of the reasons for which, those experts who provide modern and contemporary art valuations [àncora pg valutazione], now more than ever before, are also required to have the skill of interpreting the dynamics of the market in non-exclusively economic terms.
The Pandolfini proposal of works belonging to the sphere of modern and contemporary art accordingly replies to the expectations that derive from the evolution of the present-day art market, where the interests sometimes arrive from a mere passion for art – while at other times, the interest is connected to the rarity of the work, its uniqueness and its non-reproducibility – making it a category of goods perfect for alternative investment. Pandolfini Auction House takes its role as pure intermediary and integrates it with service and consultancy, from the delivery of the works all the way up to the winning bid. In this way, it’s possible to combine the needs of the seller to sell the work of art at the best possible price with the necessary guarantees for the buyer who places the winning bid on a work of contemporary art in Pandolfini’s auctions.
Aside from the ordinary procedures of valuation, acquisition, and the sale of contemporary art, there are other criteria for the historical-artistic, conservative and financial valuation, parameters that allows for an optimization of the results achieved by the works in the contemporary art auctions. 

The authenticity checks and the archive procedures, the conservation problems arising from the techniques and materials used, the varying importance of different artistic movements, from historical avant-gardes to newly emerging artistic movements, become indispensable elements for the correct valuation of a work of modern or contemporary art.
Among the works proposed in the recurring auctions of Pandolfini auction house are sculptures, reliefs and bronzes, canvases, paintings and sketches, works on paper, prints and drawings, lithographies, chalcographies, and screen printing - works of extraordinary quality and artistic, aesthetic, and economic value created by the most renowned contemporary artists.

Our experts are available for a free and confidential valuation, without any obligation, of your modern and contemporary artworks, with the aim of including them in our auctions.

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