Auctions are open to the public without any obligation to bid.
The lots are usually sold in numerical order as listed in the catalogue. Approximately 90-100 lots are sold per hour, but this figure can vary depending on the nature of the objects.

Absentee bids and telephone bids
If it’s not possible for the bidder to attend the auction in person, Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. will execute the bid on your behalf.
To have access to this free service you will need to send us a photocopy of some form of ID and the relevant form that you will find at the end of the catalogue or in our offices. The lots will be purchasedat the best possible price depending on the other bids in the salesroom.
In the event of bids of equal amount, the first one to be placed will have the priority. Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. offers its clients the possibility to be contacted by telephone during the auction toparticipate in the sale. You will need to send a written request before 12 p.m. of the day of the sale.
This service is guaranteed depending on the lines available at the time, and according to the order of arrival of the requests.

We therefore advise clients to place a bid that will allow us to execute it on their behalf only when it is not possible to contact them.

The starting price is usually lower than the estimate stated in the catalogue, and each raising will beapproximately 10% of the previous bid.The raising of the bid during the auction is, in any case at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.

Collection of lots
Lots that have been purchased and paid should be collectedwithin 30 (thirty) days from the date of the auction.Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE s.r.l. will have all the rights of storage and willexempted from any liabilility in relation of the storage and possibledeterioration of the object. Once above the mentioned deadline of30 (thirty) days from the award date has elapsed, Pandolfini CASAD’ASTE s.r.l. shall be entitled to claim all the storage charges. Theweekly storage fee shall amount to € 26.00.The collection of the goods purchased shall be carried out under theresponsibility and at the expense of the purchaser either in personor through an incumbent or a carrier/forwarding agent. In any case,Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE s.r.l. shall not be liable for any damage tothe goods suffered during transport; in particular, the purchaser,either directly or through its incumbent, shall undertake to inspectthe suitability of the packaging, also based on the characteristics ofthe object purchased, expressly releasing Pandolfini CASA D’ASTEs.r.l. from any liability in this regard.In the event that payment is not made within the term of ten (10)days from the auction, Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE s.r.l. may declare thesale to have been canceled, annulling the awarding of the bid andtaking legal steps in order to recover the amount due. In the eventof the cancelation of the sale, the purchaser shall be obliged to payPandolfini CASA D’ASTE srl a penalty equal to the lost commissiondue by both the principal and by the purchaser. The delivery of thegoods shall take place exclusively once the full balance of the finalprice has been paid.


Payment for lots must be made in € no later than the day after the sale, in one of the following ways:

  • cash within the limits estabilished by law at the time of payment
  • non-transferable bank draft or personal cheque with prior consent from theadministrative office, made payable to:Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l.
  • bank transfer to:
    Via dei Pecori 8, FIRENZE
    IBAN IT 21T 01030 02800 000063650896 made out to Pandolfini Casa d’Aste

For any other information please see General Conditions of Sale.

Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. acts on behalf of the Consignor on the basis of a mandate, and does not substitute third parties regarding payments. For lots sold by V.A.T.payers, an invoice will be issued to the purchaser by the seller.Our invoice, though you will find reported the hammer price and the V.A.T., is only made up of the amount highlighted.

We wish to remind you that in order to export all the art works older than 50 years, according to the Italian law, you need to get the permission for free circulation by the Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti. To obtain permission it takes about 40 days from the presentation of the required documents. 


The estimates in the catalogue are expressed in Euros (€). These estimates are purely indicative and are based on the mean price of comparable pieces on the market, on the condition and on the characteristics of the object itself.

The catalogues of Pandolfini include information on the condition of the objects only when describing multiple lots (such as prints, books, coins and bottles of wine).

Please request a condition report of the lot you are interested in from the specialist in charge.

Lots sold in our auctions will rarely be in perfect condition and may show, due to their nature and age, signs of wear, damage, restoration or repair and other imperfections. Any reference to the condition of the object in the catalogue is not equivalent to a complete description of its condition. Condition reports are usually available on request and complete the catalogue entries. In the description of the lots, our staff judges the condition of the object in accordance with its estimate and the kind of auction in which it has been included. Any statement in the catalogue, in the condition report or elsewhere, regarding the physical nature of the lot and its condition, is given honestly and scrupulously. The staff of Pandolfini however does not have the professional training of a restorer: any statement therefore should not be considered exhaustive. Potential purchasers are always advised to inspect the object in person and, in the case of lots of particular value, to ask the opinion of a restorer or of a trusted consultant before placing a bid.

Any statement regarding the author, the attribution of the work, dating, origin, provenance and condition is to be considered a simple opinion and not an actual fact.

As concerning attributions, please note that:

1. ANDREA DEL SARTO: in our opinion a work by the artist.

2. ATTRIBUTED TO ANDREA DEL SARTO: in our opinion the work was executed by the artist, but with a degree of uncertainty.

3. ANDREA DEL SARTO’S WORKSHOP: work executed by an unknown artist in the workshop of the artist, whether or not under his direction.

4. ANDREA DEL SARTO’S CIRCLE: in our opinion a work executed by an unidentifiable artist, with characteristics referable to the

aforementioned artist. He may be a pupil.

5. STYLE OF…; FOLLOWER OF…; a work by a painter who adheres to the style of the artist: he could be a pupil or another contemporary, or almost contemporary, artist.

6. MANNER OF ANDREA DEL SARTO: work executed imitating the style of the artist, but at a later date.

7. FROM ANDREA DEL SARTO: copy from a painting known to be by the artist.

8. IN THE STYLE OF…: work executed in the style specified, but from a later date.

9. The terms signed and/or dated and/or initialled means that it was done by the artist himself.

10. The term bearing the signature and/or date means that, in our opinion, the writing was added at a later date or by a different hand.

11. In the measurements of the paintings, expressed in cm, height comes before base. The size of works on paper is instead expressed in mm.

13. For lots with the symbol (λ), an export licence or a temporary importation licence is available.

14. The weight of silver objects is a net weight, excluding metal, glass and crystal parts. The weight of silver objects with a weighted base will not be indicated.

15. Lots with the symbol  are subjected to the “resale right”.

Terms of payment

The following methods of payment are accepted:
a) cash up to € 2,999;
b) bank draft subject to prior verification with the issuing bank;
c) current account bank check upon agreement with the administrative offices of Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l.;
d) bank transfer made out to Pandolfini Casa d’Aste
IBAN IT 21T 01030 02800 000063650896 - Swift BIC   PASCITMMFIR

Resale right

The Legislative Decree n. 118 dated 13th February 2006 introduced the right for authors of works of art and manuscripts, and for their heirs, to receive a remuneration from the price of any sale after the first, of the original work: this is the so-called “resale right”.

This payment is due for selling prices over €3.000 and is determined as follows:

a) 4 % for the portion of the selling price between € 3.000 and € 50.000;

b) 3 % for the portion of the selling price between € 50.000,01 and € 200.000;

c) 1 % for the portion of the selling price between € 200.000,01 and € 350.000;

d) 0,5 % for the portion of the selling price between € 350.000,01 and € 500.000;

e) 0,25 % for the portion of the selling price exceeding € 500.000.

Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. is liable to pay the “resale right” on the sellers’ behalf to the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE).

Should the lot be subjected to the “resale right” in accordance with the art. 144 of the law 633/41, the purchaser will pay, in addition to the hammer price, to the commission and to other possible expenses, the amount that would be due to the Seller in accordance with the art. 152 of the law 633/41, that Pandolfini will pay to the subject authorized to collect it.

Please remember that, in the case of the exportation of works that are over 50 years old, according to Italian law a certificate of free circulation should be requested.  The waiting time for the issuing of this documentation is around forty (40) days from the presentation of the work and the relevant documents to the Soprintendenza Belle Arti (Superintendency of Fine Arts).

In the event that the lot is awarded to a foreign buyer, the client is requested to immediately contact the competent department regarding the work purchased for information about the estimate and the paperwork necessary for the exportation and transport of the work to a foreign country.

The failed or delayed issuing of the license shall not constitute grounds for the rescinding or annulment of the sale, nor shall it justify any delay in the payment by the purchaser.