Asian Art

The oriental art department has joined the other Pandolfini departments only very recently. In 2006 Pandolfini launched into this field, initially holding one auction per year and later increasing to two yearly auction in order to meet the demands of the market.

In its catalogues the department offers a variety of artefacts and materials, such as porcelain, bronze sculpture, ivory carvings, furniture, jade sculpture and artefacts, coral and pietra dura pieces, snuff boxes, netsuke, miniature prints and Tibetan tangka.

Everything of oriental origin is valued and placed in the catalogues, from the artefacts of the Middle East to the whole of the eastern Indian basin, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Japan.

The artefacts range in date very broadly: archaeological pieces from the neolithic period, works of art and sculpture from the Quing dynasties, up to pieces dating to the beginning of the twentieth century.

This department is constantly developing thanks to its excellent sales results and the attention and interest in this sector shown especially by international buyers.

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