The jewellery department organizes two sales a year: in May and late November.
The jewellery selection on offer represents the careful research by the experts, who constantly bear in mind the public's taste without however losing sight of market trends since jewellery is an investment as well as an ornament.

Designer jewellery is the most sought after. By designer we mean those pieces produced by the most prestigious jewellers from the twenties to the present: from historic brands such as Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef , Buccellati, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. to more recent names such as: David Webb, Frascarolo and Pomellato. Designer jewellery is constantly at the centre of collectors' and enthusiasts' attention since it not only guarantees the quality of the materials and the execution of the piece, but is also considered a safe investment whose value grows with time.

In our catalogues we present period jewellery alongside designer jewellery, often from private collections. Besides the undeniable attraction of the history inherent in a period jewel, as it reflects the tastes of the time in which is was produced, it is a unique work of art, created by artisans with often inimitable techniques.

A great deal of importance is given to precious stones, diamonds for the most part, which come accompanied by a gemological certificate awarded by internationally recognized workshops. It is the profitability of this type of investment which, at such economically challenging times, unlike most traditional investments, is risk-free and guarantees stable profits over time. Diamonds still are the mobile goods par excellence: thanks to their size they are easily transportable and can easily be monetized. A diamond's main characteristics (weight, colour, purity and cut) make evaluation, based on an international price list ( RAPAPORT Diamond Report) whose quotations are published in the main economic headlines, straightforward.

In order to satisfy all our clients' requirements we also offer a selection of contemporary jewellery which follows fashion trends of the day. One must always bear in mind that jewellery, being one of the most important forms of ornament, is influenced by these trends.

head of department florence
Cesare Bianchi
specialist rome
Andrea De Miglio
Mario Acciughi
Fabrizio Zanini
Chiara Sabbadini Sodi