Collecting Antiquities is not just the wish to surround oneself with rare, fascinating objects, but it is also the desire to get closer to that world of antiques that is rooted in our culture.

It is historical understanding, aesthetic enjoyment, the appreciation of the skills of a past that still speaks to us through its technical quality and formal beauty. For this reason, antiquities collectors and lovers are particularly demanding when it comes to guarantees on the authenticity and provenance of artifacts. A bona fide discovery of the past, the collection of archaeological artifacts consists of exploring the culture and creativity of our ancestors and their artisanal productions. 

Since 1997, Pandolfini auction house has been involved in the sale of antiquities and is now the national benchmark for the sale of antique art, for those interested in purchasing archaeological artifacts, and for those interested in receiving information on the present-day market value of the antique works in their possessions through the valuation services and estimates offered by Pandolfini.

Transforming a passion for antique art and archaeology into a capital investment is possible today through the auction of archaeological artifacts, held once a year, where it’s possible to place the winning bid on rare and unusual works and on antique artifacts of fundamental cultural and artistic importance. Aware of the importance of the past and the high cultural value of its antiquities, in its antiquities auctions, Pandolfini guarantees the highest level of quality of the auctioned objects and compliance with current regulations. The works and archaeological objects proposed are always accompanied by a certificate of provenance attesting the legitimate ownership, and are already known to the relevant Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. 

The auctions are prepared in collaboration with and under the control of the national authorities responsible for the protection of archaeological heritage (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali and Comando Carabinieri Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale). It is important to keep in mind that since 2004, with the new Cultural Heritage and Landscape Regulations, archaeological finds related to national heritage (i.e. produced by the cultures documented in the Italian area) cannot be exported.

The antiquities auctions select the best of what is available on the Italian and foreign market in the field of Classical, Egyptian and Near Eastern Archaeology. In addition to extremely rare and valuable stone sculptures and Greek painted pottery, in our sales it is possible to find Etruscan and South Italian artifacts, architectural elements and Roman mosaics, glass unguentaria, transport containers and precious Egyptian handcrafted products, like ushabti and wooden works.  

The Antiquities Department, in the very best Pandolfini Casa d’Aste tradition, offers exclusive services to those interested in selling their archaeological works and, at the same time, replies to the demands of a clientele that is as selective and careful as antiquity collectors are. 

Ask today for a valuation of your antique artifacts and works produced during the Classical Antiquity period, and Pandolfini’s experts will be sure to offer you a qualified, free, and professional estimate without any obligation whatsoever.



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