19th century Paintings

The department of 19th century Paintings and Sculptures deals with Italian and European works of art dating from the beginning of the Nineteenth century to the mid Twentieth century, during what was an especially prolific period for painting and sculpture, and which includes for example artistic movements typical of that era, like Impressionism, Realism, and the Macchiaioli movement. Sales take place every six months, often with a specifically compiled catalogue.

The main focus of this department is works of art with their own stylistic features created by this group of painters and their schools who characterized the Italian panorama above all during the second half of the 19th century. Their works were also key to spawning a movement of imitators who were productive up to the Twentieth century and whose works are considered part of this department rather than that of Modern and Contemporary art. This department offers valuations, analyses, and the cataloguing not only of fine art but also of bronze and marble sculptures, and drawings and etchings by artists representative of regional Italian and European schools.

The most influential Italian artists of this period, whose works are often auctioned in our sales, are Giovanni Boldini, Giuseppe De Nittis, Giovanni Segantini, Giacomo Favretto, Francesco Hayez, Alberto Pasini, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, and Giovanni Fattori, who on account of their historical-artistic background and critical acclaim now occupy a consolidated position on the international art market. 

Instead, the market for other equally famous and important artists, such as Attilio Pratella, Francesco Paolo Michetti, Vincenzo Gemito, and Oscar Ghiglia and other significant Italian nineteenth-century painters, is still limited today to Italian buyers, mainly based in their region of origin. In order to tackle this limiting pattern, in recent years art historians have brought this part of Italy's artistic heritage to the public's attention with ever more focused exhibitions and monographs on artists about whom it had previously been difficult even to find iconographic material. These initiatives, which have the aim of moving these artists beyond the confines of their local market, are already starting to bear fruit.

 Pandolfini accordingly aims to promote nineteenth and twentieth-century works of art, and not only offer an extensive selection of works of interest to collectors, while also bringing attention to them and increasing their value. Thanks to the publication of catalogues, these works come to the attention and are discovered by scholars, lovers of art, collectors and organizations devoted to the conservation and collection of the regional and Italian artistic heritage.

 Our experts in the department of 19th century Paintings and Sculptures can always be contacted for a free, fast, and confidential valuation of your paintings, sculptures, and drawings datable between the beginning of the Nineteenth century and mid Twentieth century. 

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