Selling through Pandolfini

You can ask for a free evaluation of your objects by fixing anappointment at the headquarters of Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l.Alternatively, you may send us a photograph of the objects and any information which could be useful: our specialists will then express an indicative evaluation.

Mandate of sale
If you should decide to entrust your objects to us, the Pandolfini staff will assist you through the entire process. Upon delivery of the objects you will receive a document (mandate of sale) which includes a list of the objects, the reserves, our commission and possible costs for insurance, photographs and shipping. We will need some form of ID and your date and place of birth for the registration in the P.S.registers in the offices of Pandolfini. The mandate of sale is a mandate of representation: therefore Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. cannot substitute the seller in his relations with third parties.  

The reserve is the minimum amount (commission included) at which anobject can be sold. This sum is strictly confidential and the auctioneer will ensure it remains so it during the auction. If the reserve is not reached, the lot will remain unsold.

You will receive payment within 35 working days from the day of the sale, provided the payment on behalf of the purchaser is complete, with the issue of a detailed invoice reporting commissions and any other charges applicable.

Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. will apply a 13% (plus V.A.T.) commission which will be deducted from the hammer price.