Private sales

Our Clients interested in selling or buying artworks outside our auction sessions, can access an additional service that the auction house is pleased to make available to them: the Private Sale.

The demand for high quality artworks is increasing continuously and our customers prove highly motivated to buy artworks that meet certain requirements. All the art market is proving to be very active both in the field of ancient art and the one of modern and contemporary art, always with a focus on high quality . Our auction results were excellent in both sales auction and in private sales.

Over the years, following the model of the British auction market, there have been many private transactions completed by Pandolfini on behalf of its customers and the success of private sales in the past decade has been an important component of our activity. If you want to opt for a private sale, our staff will work directly with you to find a proper artwork evaluation and a personalised service to fit the needs of the seller. If you want to propose your works for sale, please contact us. Our experts will be at your disposal to define with you the best sale strategy.