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The history of Car is tightly linked to 20th century history and society; it involves almost every aspect of our daily life, it is in close contact with the Arts, and several aspects of engineering and of automotive style are by now considered art tout court by many critics. It is difficult to assert that the mechanical symphony of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini engine is not a form of art, or that the Pininfarina line does not represent a sculpture in motion.

All this has caused the growth of a remarkable interest in collectors in those countries where the sector of cars experienced great development.

For this reason Pandolfini, since 1924 a leader in Italy in auction sales of collector’s items, created a Department specialized in Classic Cars and related objects such as motorcycles, memorabilia, documents, mementos and anything else.

The new department will inaugurate its first auction in September 2017 and is determined to offer qualified support to already existing car collectors, and to those who wish to add cars to their other interests and collections.

With the reliability and accuracy of the oldest Italian auction house, with the possibility of counting on experienced specialists, Pandolfini will be able to perform an important role also in this dynamic field.

Italy represents in fact an important hub in this sector, both for its producers and its collectors. The most sought-after collector cars – competed for by international buyers – are Italian; so are the most popular ones, such as Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, which are very much esteemed by enthusiasts worldwide, who fell in love with them watching 1950s and 1960s Italian movies. Italy still has many car treasures concealed in its small towns, cities and country farmhouses, and also a large number of car enthusiasts who are constantly in search of new experiences and emotions and that create a trend that is followed worldwide with great interest.

The field of motorcycles is no less important: over time our country has produced the top specialists, brands and pilots, creating masterpieces sought-after by collectors.

With the creation of this new department, Pandolfini wishes to establish itself as a reliable and experienced partner who is able to be of service to sellers and buyers, guaranteeing transparent and surprise-less business deals.

A great attention will be paid to the preventive study of the cars that are proposed and to their accurate description. It will also be possible, for those interested in purchasing, to test and examine extensively each car, which is something that is not usually allowed.


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