Furnitures and Works of Art

The auctions of furnitures and works of art have always represented an essential and fundamental aspect of the activity of Pandolfini's Art Auction House. This is the direction we are still following today, even if the art market and collecting have changed and collectors' interest has mainly moved to other sectors. For this reason our Department's challenge has become harder and harder: in order to obtain the best results it is necessary to offer our collectors high quality lots, especially if accompanied by an interesting "story" (origin, collections, exhibitions, publications, etc.).

The important auction taking place in October 2014 for the celebration of Pandolfini's 90th anniversary and successfully repeated in October 2015 under the title "Masterpieces from Italian collections",  has represented a significant step to the success of our work because the obtained results have demonstrated that quality is at the base of every good sale.

Last year our Department accurately selected the works of art to present at the auction, trying to choose those furnitures and objects that could meet the taste of our numerous national and international customers, without considering only the economic aspect. We have tried to propose "interesting" lots and the positive feedback has rewarded our efforts, leading the sector to a constant growth, that have been even more successful if considering the economic period we are dealing with.

The very high sales volume proves the success of our choices which have brought Pandolfini, also at the end of 2015, to be the leading Italian auction house in this sector, strengthening an already positive trend: this tendency was confirmed both by the numerous, meaningful results and by the significant sales percentage resulting from hard and professional work during the preparation and presentation of the catalogues and thanks to an established constant and fruitful customer relationship.

To achieve this, we are constantly in search of  valuable works of art to present at our auctions and our experts are always available to provide valuations throughout the whole national territory and abroad, with the goal to offer our customers more and more beautiful and rich catalogues. 

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