Tomaso Piva

T. +39 02 65560807
Tomaso Piva from Milan, represents the third generation of an important family of antique dealers specialising in Italian furniture and objets d’art, especially from the Venetian and Lombard areas. After graduating in Law on the International Circulation of Cultural Assets, he moved to Paris where he specialised in Art History at Christie’s and deepened his knowledge of French and international taste with a study on gilded bronze objects from the 18th century. Also in the French capital, he began working as a researcher of Italian objets d’art for the family business.

In 2015 he joined the Pandolfini team as an Expert and Strategic Consultant for the Furniture and Art Objects Department, later becoming Head of the International Fine Art Department, which proposes art and decorative objects of great taste and rarity from Italy, Great Britain, France, Flanders and Russia, dedicated to a cultured and refined collector.