Digital Art Spring is the title of the third NFT auction of Pandolfini's new NFT department. We chose this name not only because it is held in the first days of spring, but above all to represent the happy moment that digital art is going through. In this period, thanks to the disappearance of a large part of the predominantly speculative approach, the creativity of languages and freedom of expression are taking flight, paving the way for a multitude of artists with innovative ideas and remarkable quality.

In line with our strategy, we offer collectors a wide range of artwork types, all within the scope of digital art and NFT. The works range from 3D creation to digital painting, from portrait photography to photography focusing on the beauty of landscapes, from eccentric video animation to generative creations. We have also chosen to give a lot of space to works born from Artificial Intelligence used as a creative tool, convinced that this new wave of A.I. productions brings a strong creative freedom and a completely different approach to the preliminary phase of using these tools. As can easily be seen in many of the auction lots, the artists have released their visions, often dreamlike, without allowing the tool to influence the creations by trivialising them.

Special appreciation is reserved for the 'Phygital' works auctioned, an innovative and powerful tool made available by new technologies. They certainly represent a new opportunity for investment and artistic enjoyment, essentially acting as an ideal bridge between the digital and physical worlds. In the case of a phygital work, the collector buys both the physical and the digital work, which also becomes the certificate of authenticity and provenance on blockchain.

Digital Art Spring offers a wide-ranging and evocative overview of what digital art is today, a sector in great ferment in which creative freedom and the use of powerful and innovative tools give us unprecedented worlds and mind-bending reinterpretations of our everyday reality. The world of NFT seems to have freed itself from the somewhat naive mannerism associated with gaming and memes, to confront contemporary art in all its forms in a more solid and qualitative manner.

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Claudio Francesconi