Italy's oldest auction house continues to look to the future by investing in art certified by blockchain.

An explosion of images and new languages, "Digital Invasion", the second timed auction of digital art organised by Pandolfini.

With "Digital Invasion", Pandolfini confirms its solid presence in this panorama, demonstrating once again its ability to anticipate and grasp the growing national interest in the Non Fungible Token market.

With this year's auction, we want to play a leading role in this market at a particularly propitious moment for NFT, thanks to the continuous investments by various international realities of the art world that contribute to increasing the credibility and quality of this sector, attracting a new generation of collectors.

From 3D animation to photography, from hand drawing to abstract generative art, there are many creative languages of digital art used to create the works on auction. A selection that reserves considerable relevance to the fast-growing national scenario, as demonstrated by the numerous events in the sector, organised in different geographical areas of the country.

An auction, that of Pandolfini, which is part of a time marked by technology in which digital works become saleable, eternally traceable, unalterable and infungible. With this event, the auction house wants to explore the different artistic dimensions in the world of NFT, with a wide range of digital creations with a heterogeneous monetary value, capable of attracting not only major collectors in this sector, who intend to diversify or expand their collection with digital works of excellent workmanship at competitive prices, but also the youngs and the curiouses , interested in entering this ultra-dynamic and highly engaging market for the first time.

'Digital Invasion' is a unique opportunity to enter this new type of collecting. Thanks to the simplification of the NFT acquisition processes, it becomes possible for anyone to approach the world of digital art. And to bring an ever-widening public closer to the world of NFTs, Pandolfini chooses the consolidated format of the online auction, where users will be able to purchase the digital creations of their interest simply in euros, avoiding the complex and risky conversion of their finances into cryptocurrencies.

Pandolfini's signature event makes it possible to acquire digital creations, formerly considered crypto-assets for the exclusive use of reckless investors, which today are true works of art in demand at the world's major museums, such as Refik Anadol's large and impressive work at New York's MOMA.
A new art that can be exhibited on the new generation of smart devices, which are becoming increasingly popular in everyday life.

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Claudio Francesconi