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by Eraser_Head


The interaction between the mind and technology has moved beyond the abstract realm of rhetoric as humans reach the twenty-first century. Technology has infiltrated human lives and has become an unavoidable part of daily existence، but it has also introduced a new concept of what it means to be human. It has been associated with the concept of breaking through barriers. Man is limited to a single receptacle for intelligence (an organic body). The Posthumanism idea replaces Plato's cave in the current postmodern chaos, where we no longer contemplate the relationships between things, where reductionism and individualism reign supreme. Instead, contemporary posthumanist thought offers an "objectivist" and post-anthropocentric approach to human progress. It emphasizes the role of nonhuman agents such as animals, plants, and other objects. According to the Greek philosopher, Real-life was found in the world of ideas, not in the physical realm. Posthumanists believe that actual life is found in algorithms rather than the body. The body is merely a facade that needs to extract a set of relevant information and then get rid of its natural flaws. They seek to gain immortality in this manner. Posthumanism attempts to separate itself from a narrowly biological perspective, preferring to remain fluid and express individual thought through various identities. It infantilizes humans and views technological prospects without suspicion. The Posthumanism discourse is problematic in a disoriented society that has lost its powerful narratives; It must ensure that hybridization takes place in a manner that is respectful of existence. Today, however, rather than hybridization, we are witnessing the colonization of the living by technology.


"altar" is the title of my most recent body of work. The series is supposed to continue my theoretical and conceptual exploration of posthumanism and the impact of technology( Metals) on contemporary reality. This research aims to create a series of interactive bodies with a digital Lab that immerses the observer in a multimodal interactive realm to engage them with debates about humanism. Mixing the human body in technological labor pushed the body's boundaries and revealed something new; Focusing significantly on expanding the human body's potential, eventually rendering it obsolete.


The interactive installations examine the intersection of the human body and technology in an attempt to answer the question, "What is it to be human?"Obsolescence's performance, in which the body serves as a platform for technology, challenge the understanding of what it means to be human. Given how man's knowledge of human nature has evolved, we can't help wondering about the next stage in human evolution. The Bodies connected to a machine network are Isolated; they are not a subject but an object-body that may be recreated with metals. They can only resort to symbiosis; the physical body has become obsolete since technology properly mediates between the body and the world

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