For over twenty years, in our catalogues of fine and collectible wines, a space has always been left for spirits, which Italian and worldwide collectors have always followed closely, staging real battles in the room, on the phone and online. The space dedicated to this fascinating world has increased more and more over time, with exceptional results, just think of the 1966 Bowmore bottle from the Samaroli Bouquet Collection which, in June 2020, set the national record for a single bottle of whisky, with a final price of € 49,000.

All this led us to the decision to open a department entirely dedicated to whiskey, cognac, rum, armagnac, calvados and all the spirits loved by great enthusiasts, and this is the result: the catalogue of our first auction. A selection of more than 150 lots of the best products that distilleries from Europe and the whole world offer to the market.

The catalogue has been structured to offer a complete overview of the world of spirits.

Let's start with the classic liqueur of France: cognac, calvados and armagnac. Their extraordinary longevity is renowned, in fact some lots in the catalogue have fully lived the last century, and even longer: a bottle of Rouyer Guillet & Co. cognac was distilled as far back as 1865.

In the same morning session, we move to the new continent, with a selection of rums ranging from the youngest and most colorful Samaroli, to the solemn and highly sought-after products of the legendary Caroni distillery.

Leaving the Caribbean rums, we move on to the most full-bodied session of the catalogue: the one dedicated to whiskies. Starting with the homeland of the amber distillate, Scotland, the lots that we propose represent a selection of the best products of the historic companies of the Highland and beyond: Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Glen Grant, Laphroaig, Port Ellen, Scapa, just to mention the main ones. In particular, twenty lots from the distillery most sought after by all collectors: Macallan, with vintages and bottlings from the most modern, back to the 30s, 40s and 50s.

The catalogue will be closed by an extraordinary bottle, a real collector's item: a 38-year-old Karuizawa, of the Pearl Geisha series; the gaze of the woman depicted on the label conveys the charm and mystery that the Japanese distillery, closed since 2001, was able to bottle in its whiskies.

For this unique occasion, we hope to see you in our rooms of Palazzo Ramirez Montalvo, but if you are unable to do so, we would like to remind you of the opportunity to participate with absentee bids, by telephone, or by registering on our online platform PandolfiniLive.

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