The SPRING SPIRITS edition of the Whisky and Spirits Collectors' Department's online auctions continues from 3 to 13 June with a session dedicated to Great Rums and other spirits.
The catalogue opens with a series of lots from the great distilleries of the Demerara region (Guyana), with the legendary Skeldon 1978 as the first lot, followed by rums produced by Diamond, Uitvlugt, Port Mourant and Enmore, all imported by Velier.
Staying with Velier, we move on to Trinidad and Tobago, to the most famous of all distilleries: Caroni. Several releases will be present, all in excellent condition, ready to enrich your collection.

Organised to celebrate the vibrancy of spring, this session offers a fascinating and tasty insight into the world of craft spirits and unique specialities, so don't miss your chance to compete with enthusiasts from around the world for these extraordinary bottles.

We look forward to seeing you online in large numbers and remind you that in order to participate, all you have to do is create a My Pandolfini account by entering all the required data and documents, and wait for the enablement. The rules for this online auction will be as follows:
- The auction will close after 8pm on the last day, when 3 minutes have passed without any bids being placed and all lots will close at the same time;
- If bids are placed during these last 3 minutes, the deadline countdown for each lot will restart from 3 minutes;
- During these 3 minutes you will have the opportunity to either bid again or bid on a new lot.

This system will allow you to gamble until the very end on the lots you wish to buy, or to bid on another lot.


Francesco Tanzi

Head of department Florence
+39 055 2340888

Federico Dettori