mirabìlia› s. neutro pl., lat. [from the adj. mirabĭlis; v. wonder] - Wonderful, extraordinary things.


The appointment with whiskies, set for April 21, represents in this auction a truly unmissable occasion for all collectors and enthusiasts of this varied world: the importance that has always distinguished Pandolfini Casa d'Aste in the search for the highest quality in the objects to be proposed in its auctions, can only prove to be a confirmation in this case as well. In fact, by selecting the best bottles available on the market, the extraordinary catalog proposed here will manage to amaze anyone for the presence of some very rare and almost unique pieces and it is for this reason that we do not hesitate in saying that this session dedicated to collectible Scotch has an importance at an international level precisely because of the large number of extraordinary bottles presented.

However, let's get to the heart of the matter by announcing some of the highlights that characterize the auction: let's start with a selection of spirits imported by Moon Import - among the most important Italian companies importing bottles of the highest value - such as, for example, the 'De Viris Illustribus' series, as many as five bottles united by a splendid label, or the magnificent and rare Linkwood 1979 bottling belonging to 'The Sails in the Wind' collection.

Also belonging to the foggy Scotland, home of the most renowned whisky producers in the world, we then find some great classics such as Caol Ila, Laphroaig, Bruichladdich, Talisker and many others imported thanks to another excellence of the Italian tradition in the world of whisky, Intertrade which, thanks to its founder Ferdinando "Nadi" Fiori, has managed to make these distillates of exceptional quality famous everywhere. In particular, a bottle of Port Ellen 1969 from the Celtic Label series: a real pearl.

A variety of lots, then, in which a careful and attentive research towards rare and qualitatively high pieces is the master, which cannot but entice enthusiasts and intrigue newcomers.

So here we come to present real gems that are within the auction, the 'highlights' of this session: we are talking about two bottles that most made legendary one of the most famous independent bottlers in the history of spirits: the great Silvano Samaroli.

We are pleased to present in the catalog his two most representative "works of art": we are obviously referring to the 1967 Laphroaig 'Silver Cap' and the 1966 Bowmore from the 'Bouquet' series. Two pillars of the world of spirits and whiskies that, present at the same time in the same catalog, make the latter undoubtedly one of the most important ever presented.

For this unmissable occasion, we hope to see you with us in the halls of the Ramirez Montalvo Palace on the afternoon of Friday, April 21, for an auction that we are sure will remain in the memory of all enthusiasts for a long time.

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