For the first Italian NFT Auction Pandolfini Auction House chose to make a selection of artists whose work best represents the variety of styles and expressive languages inside the NFT world.

This auction is therefore going to give the collectors a global vision on the many different media and ways of expression through which NFT artists work, such as digital photography, images automatically-generated by algorithms created by the artists themselves, the GIF format, whose fascination is also due to the fact that it represents a sort of digital art archeology and at the same time it is connected to the first visual artistic avant-garde, 3D graphics and so much more. NFT is not just a technology conceived to create and commercialize artworks, but also and more importantly a great cultural movement constantly developing its identity through visual codes and ever changing forms of expressions and, by doing so, preparing the greatest artistic revolution of the recent years.

Let us take as an example Peter Gric’s work: a painter with a solid and recognized background who has also been creating and experimenting with digital tools for decades. For this reason his art can find a substantial upgrade inside the NFT world and its possibilities: a world, that is, where Gric’s surrealistic creations take life becoming breathtaking animated artworks.

Of utmost philological impact is also A. L. Criego’s work, which creates visual and hypnotic mantras starting from a ‘retro-futurisic’ aesthetics. It is a creative process that uses the analysis and interiorization of the recent history of digital languages - non-biological entities such as the Web and social medias - with which we had to learn to coexist.

This auction wants to tell the story of a new world, a not-yet written book projecting us into a creative and immersive reality such as Web 3.0 and its great revolution.

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Claudio Francesconi