The second appointment with spirits celebrates the extraordinary variety of products that this world offers to its collectors and enthusiasts, but, at the same time, their uniqueness and rarity. The title is a direct reference to the many shades that the amber liquid takes on inside the bottles, but also to two sacred monsters of the world of Spirits: red, like the founder of the Macallan distillery, Alexander Reid, literally "The Red", and gold, like the capsules used by the most famous independent bottler in the history of spirits: Silvano Samaroli. These two are, not only pillars of the world of whiskeys and spirits in general, but also of this catalog… But let's start with order.

The morning opens with the spirits of our neighboring France: Cognac, Calvados, Armagnac, and a highly sought-after Marc de Bourgogne, the equivalent of our grappa, from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, vintage 1949. We continue with rums from all the main Caribbean distilleries: Caroni, Havana Club, Bacardi, and a selection of Samaroli, from the most recent releases to a 1980 Demerara, a bottle that passes under the hammer of an auction house for the first time.

We leave the white beaches of the Caribbean to move to misty Scotland, home to the most renowned whiskey producers in the world. The names are the great classics: Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Glenlivet, Laphroaig, Port Ellen, Springbank, Talisker, and many others. Here too there are many lots to remember, one in particular: the complete series of the Collection N ° 1 of the Antica Casa dei Marchesi Spinola: all 6 bottles for a lot for true connoisseurs.

After a short interlude with Irish whiskeys, Japanese whiskeys and American bourbons, we return to Scotland, more precisely in the Highlands, where the aforementioned “The Red” distillery is located: Macallan. More than 30 lots, of all the most varied editions and of each aging: 7, 18, 21, 25, 33, 37, 40, up to a real jewel, which could not be missing: a bottle of the famous Red Collection aged no less than 60 years.

In the last session of the catalog, we finally reach gold, dedicating it entirely to the flagship of the Italian tradition in the world of whiskeys: 30 lots of Silvano Samaroli's selections. From the most recent and colorful editions, to those personally chosen by the legendary Bolognese palate. One above all, the bottle that made him most famous in the world of spirits: the 1966 Bowmore from the Bouquet series. This bottle is the exact conjugation of red and gold: the three unmistakable carnations on the label for the first, the preciousness for the second.

Auction Highlights