Mario Sani


Mario Sani cultivated his passion for antiques from a young age by following his father’s antiques business in Florence, first in Via S. Spirito and then in Via dei Fossi, specializing in old master paintings as well as in sculptures and objets d’art.  In 1999 he opened his antique gallery in Palazzo Gerini in Florence, transferring the business to Milan in 2012.

 During this period he also took part in various antique events like Gotha in Parma.  He continued to cultivate and expand the study and sale of old master paintings, especially 17th and 18th century Italian works, focusing his attention on 16th and 17th century Florentine pieces.
 He has carried out consultancy work for the formation of private collections and, for over 20 years, he has established interesting collaboration relationships with the best-known Italian and international painting and sculpture dealers, increasing his technical knowledge by frequenting prestigious and skilled restorers.

Tel +39 055 23 40 888