Chiara Sabbadini Sodi


Chiara Sabbadini Sodi is a graduate of the Università di Firenze. After getting her degree in Art History in 2004 with a thesis on the Bargello’s Gioielli della Collezione Carrand [Carrand Collection of Jewels] and a published work on the Collezione di Oreficeria Sacra di Giovanni Raspini [Giovanni Raspini Sacred Fine Jewellery Collection], she began working for the Casa d’Aste Pandolfini auction house. Since 2013, she has held the position of Junior Expert for the Silver Department, and in this role, she has carefully followed the acquisition and selection of fine silver pieces for the auction’s sales.

An intriguing job, filled with surprises and exceptional items that every time leads her to make new and interesting discoveries.

The work she does also includes consultancy for those, from collectors to those who are simply curious, are interested in dealing with antique or more modern fine silver pieces.


Tel +39 055 23 40 888