Digital Art Spring

4  -  16 APRIL 2024
Timed auction, 1300

The Florentine Hero - Medusa

1.000 / 2.000
Auction closed

The Florentine Hero - Medusa

by Inna Morozova


The animated art installation "Florentine Heroes" is a new incarnation of the heroes of the Florentine Renaissance in our time, inspired by the Renaissance artistic heritage.


"The Medusa" is dedicated to the master Caravaggio, as well as to Ovid, who wrote the myth of Medusa.


I created a newborn version of Medusa, embodying the lines of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" into a visual image.


Medusa played the role of a lightning rod between Athena and Poseidon, paying the price with a fateful transformation.


However, Medusa is not a monster; she is a beautiful woman with her dreams and aspirations for beauty!



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