Digital Art Spring

4  -  16 APRIL 2024
Timed auction, 1300


1.500 / 3.000
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by Danilo Falà


Remember that when we identify our fears, right then and there, we become more vulnerable. But within this vulnerability are also our strengths, because we also become aware of what we really want.

That is why I looked straight into the eyes of my inner demons, to arm myself with courage in the face of my fears. The goal was to prevent all the disappointments I had collected from dominating my path and to become, rather, the foundation on which to build a secure foundation for my future.

My dear demons,

I have discovered you,

I have housed you,

I have nurtured you,

I have created you.

Now the time has come to bring you out.


Second Demon Series 2/8

Shuten-dōji (酒呑童子, also sometimes called 酒顛童子, 酒天童子, or 朱点童子) is a mythical oni or demon leader of Japan, who according to legend was killed by the hero Minamoto Raikō. Although decapitated, the demon's detached head still took a bite at the hero who avoided death by wearing multiple helmets stacked on his head.


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