Digital Art Spring

4  -  16 APRIL 2024
Timed auction, 1300

Infinity - Slope

4.500 / 7.000
Auction closed
The lot was awarded at a value of: 5670 €  c.i.

Infinity - Slope

by Jacopo di Cera




Eternal loop. Infinity Loop.




Time does not exist, there is only the relationship between variables. I began to investigate the depths of time, looking for a form that could express its contemporary meaning, with a plurality of contents but only one absolute term. In this research I found answers in the world of video art, and in particular digital art, managing to show us in a unique way, with the universal language of images, the current sense of time. The time of each object can be defined as a closed circle, a loop, and the only thing that remains possible is to describe how the times of each entity intersect when they meet. The Infinity project investigates this path, and tries to use visual art, video art in particular, to show us, as only art and artists can do, what our eyes cannot see. Our lives are made up of movements and actions, sometimes imperceptible and sometimes striking, and our time is filled with these actions.


Seefeld Austria 2023

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