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4  -  16 APRIL 2024
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I just want to know who I am | Jump

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I just want to know who I am | Jump

by Virginia Zanetti


This video of a cyclic jump was done during an action for the creation of an image of a person falling through the air.


This image comes from my memory: my grandfather Luigi Zanetti, silver medal-winning gymnast at the London Olympics in 1948, doing a somersault.


This video gives us a sense of great fredoom during the rise followed by the fall.


The flipped image created by this jump gives the illusion of a person falling from the earth and letting herself go towards the unknown. The period of history we’re living in starkly underlines the vulnerability of the human condition. As I hypothesize that life in all its forms develops through cyclical phases of origin, growth, degeneration, death and rebirth, this research investigates our need to disintegrate to then rebuild ourselves.


To make the photographic work and the videos that form the trilogy I just want to know who I am, I involved an athlete from the Società di Ginnastica Etruria 1897 in Prato (the same club that my grandfather belonged to).


I organize a sort of happening where the whole trampolining team did their sport outside, near the river, in the public space. I worked with the athlete Chiara Cecchi to create a different posture from the canonical landing positions used by gymnasts and she made her body look relaxed.
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