Digital Art Spring

4  -  16 APRIL 2024
Timed auction, 1300

Cellular Sonnet (Dandelion)

2.000 / 3.000
Auction closed

Cellular Sonnet (Dandelion)

by Manuel Gardina


In "Cellular Sonnet", my ambition has been to construct a bridge that spans the chasm between the vast expanse of visible flora and the hitherto unseen microbial universe. This journey into the unseen realms is a celebration of life's intricate details, and an exploration into the profound symbiosis that constitutes the very fabric of our existence.


The achievement of this vision was made possible through the use of algorithms that decipher a wide range of sound frequencies from sounds that i personally crafted. These are then transposed into a captivating visual array of hues and patterns. As such, the audible world is given form in the visual realm, thus creating a spectacle that is intertwined and echoes the interconnectivity inherent within our natural world.


This experience serves to immerse the observer, merging sight and sound, flora and bacteria, into a continuous and harmonious ballet.

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