29 MAY 2018
Auction, 0249

SIATA 1500 (1962)

20.000 / 30.000
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SIATA 1500 (1962)

CHASSIS N. 0108103






The “Società Italiana Applicazione Trasformazioni Automobilistiche” (SIATA) was founded in Turin in 1926, and the name already contains a statement of intent to which it has remained faithful for almost fifty years.

The first study of a complete SIATA vehicle dates back to 1948 and it was launched in 1949 with the name of “Amica”: it had a tubular chassis and the tuned engine of the Topolino.  The Daina came out in 1950, a splendid two seater spider and, in 1952, things got more intent with the 208 that was fitted with a Fiat 8V engine which was, however, equipped with a specific five gear transmission.

In the meantime, SIATA placed a small series of vehicles on the market that were directly derived from the Fiat 600 and 1100 models.

Encouraged by these experiences, with the launch of the Fiat 1300/1500 medium saloon, SIATA prepared a streamlined coupé derived from this car, the bodywork of which was the work of Michelotti and was inspired by one of his fuoriserie built on a Jaguar XK140 chassis.  The 1300TS and 1500TS naturally had an upgraded engine compared to the standard one and decidedly sportier finishings: the 1500 went from 73 to 94 horsepower.

Very limited quantities of this model were built and certainly only a very few examples survive today.

The vehicle proposed here, which still has its original five figure number plates, is characterized by the sporty fittings that also include two valuable Jaeger instruments of the same type as those used on the Ferraris of the period.

The 1500 TS cost 1,850,000 Lire: exactly the same as a saloon of a superior class like the Lancia Flavia 1800.  In comparison the Fiat 1500 saloon from which it was derived only cost 1,250,000 Lire and the Flavia Coupé 2,560,000 Lire.

This 1500TS has no bumpers which, in any case, are easy to find as they are the same ones used on the standard Fiat saloon.  It has a very sporty red livery with black interior and is in very good order mechanically as every part has been checked.

The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.