29 MAY 2018
Auction, 0249

MG TD (1953)

28.000 / 35.000

MG TD (1953)

CHASSIS N. A 6243248



POWER:  55 cv


The MG brand was founded in the ’20s by Cecil Kimber, who managed the “Morris Garages” in Oxford. This was a group of Dealerships owned by William Morris, Lord Nuffield, the founder and owner of Morris Motors ltd.

The new company’s scope was the production of sporting variants of the normal Morris motor cars: a strategy that was to last for half a century.

After a number of prewar cars, some of which were quite successful in racing (among others a class win at the 1933 Mille Miglia with Count Johnny Lurani and Lord Howe), after the war MG launched the TC, based on the ‘Midget’ TA of 1936.

Great Britain was aiming for more and more exports and, for some reasons, many American enthusiasts who spent part of the war years in Britain brought back witht them a passion for these small sport cars, and bought them by the thousands.

The Midget’s success convinced MG to modernize their products and in 1949 the TD was launched. More confortable due to its wider cockpit and indipendent front suspension, it was even available in left hand drive!  

While the TC sold around 10,000 units, the TD reached three times as much, and was superseded by the TF.

The TD was therefore the last MG with a traditional vertical radiator and external headlamps, which gave it that prewar look. In 1953, it was practically a new vintage car.

The car on sale today comes from the TD’s last year of production, and as such iso ne of the very last traditional MGs. 

The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but, for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.