29 MAY 2018
Auction, 0249

JAGUAR XK 140 DHC (1955)

85.000 / 120.000

JAGUAR XK 140 DHC (1955)

CHASSIS N. S817705





At the 1948 London Motor Show Jaguar launched the prototype of a sports vehicle, the XK120,  that was destined to arouse a lot of interest, particularly in its new twin-cam engine, to be mounted on a saloon car that was scheduled to be launched soon after.

During the production of the XK120, all the improvements from which the car would have benefitted in terms of comfort, drivability or even simplicity of production and maintenance, were concentrated on the subsequent model -  the XK140 - of which we are today proud to propose an excellent example.

Built between 1954 and 1957, the XK 140 DHC (Drop Head Coupé) of which just 2310 were left-hand drive models, is much rarer than the OTS, of which 3281 were built.

The vehicle proposed here, chassis N° 817705, was manufactured in early 1955. The Drophead Coupé was a luxury version of the XK140, due to its more generous interior space and its more sophisticated finish. Leather and walnut was the name of the game here, just like in the Jaguar luxury saloons of the period.

Mechanically speaking, the XK 140 was very similar to the 120, but the steering was completely revamped to give a more modern level of driveability.  The rear lever arm shock absorbers were replaced by two telescopic units: much more cutting edge and high performing. The electrics also passed from six volts to twelve.

With regard to the bodywork, the XK 140 had bigger bumpers and a more comfortable passenger compartment also thanks to the repositioning of the engine and the modifications to the steering wheel and seats.

The vehicle offered was imported to Italy many years ago and purchased by the current owner around 20 years ago.  It has always been kept in excellent condition and ‘on the button’.

Used for leisure purposes and on the occasion of some regularity rallies, the vehicle presents itself very well and has a classic BRG/tan livery with the right ‘patina’.

The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but, for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.