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ENGINE: V8 90.





The Silver Shadow launched in 1965 with the 6230 CC V8 model was the most sophisticated new car presented by Rolls-Royce, and the one with the longest career. It was the first Rolls-Royce to be built around a monocoque which made it possible to limit the weight and, above all, gave it a lower and more modern line without altering the interior comfort and the legendary luxury of which vehicles bearing the double R logo had become the symbol.

In 1970 it was updated with a engine increased to 6750 cc, a displace­ment that was to remain unchanged for decades, up to the twelve cylinder Phantom VIII presented just a few weeks ago.

Within the context of ongoing updating and improvement, in 1977 the Second Series of the Silver Shadow was launched, of which we have a marvellous example today.

With a more modern dashboard, a completely new and sophisticated air conditioning system (which at the time was said to cost as much as a Fiat 500...) and the new energy-absorbing bumpers, the Silver Shadow II took the place of the previous model, treading the boards for just three years during which 8,422 vehicles were produced.

Despite being the “base model” of the Rolls-Royce range, according to tradition the Silver Shadow II was often ordered with special finishes: the example presented here is a very interesting case in point, having been built with a vinyl roof and a velvet upholstery.

As a rule, the interior of the vehicles produced by Rolls-Royce in the post-war years was always finished in leather and great attention was paid to sourcing the finest hides supplied by the historic Connolly firm of London. It was very rare for the client to request a finish in a dif­ferent material and the choice was between “West of England Cloth” and velvet. The latter makes this vehicle an almost unique example which is different from all the other Silver Shadows: moreover, the velvet interior offers a silence which is even greater than the already extraordinary levels offered by any Rolls-Royce.

The vehicle we are presenting here was purchased in the summer of 1977 by its first owner who, like the subsequent custodians kept a file with all the documentation related to the maintenance of the vehicle. In this way, we have the certainty that the vehicle has always been maintained by well-known specialists and we also have proof of the mileage, which today amounts to around 59,000 miles, i.e. just over 94,000 kilometres.

The current owner purchased the vehicle in April 2011: a passionate collector of important automobiles, he immediately entrusted it to the care of the Officina Sauro, very well known for many years in Bologna and specialized in Ferrari and Rolls-Royce cars. During the period of his ownership he commissioned maintenance work and improvements – especially to the hydraulic system - amounting to around € 20,000.

The Silver Shadow II we are presenting today is a very rare example with some unique characteristics, in an enviable original condition, maintained by the owner at a maximum level of efficiency... as is ob­ligatory for a car of this importance.

It represents an exceptional opportunity to obtain a high level car that is very rare, with very low mileage, at the price of an economy saloon.

The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but, for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.